Teaching men how

to cultivate their sexual energy, regain their power and up-level their lives 

- Are you addicted to porn and masturbation?

- Do you suffer from premature ejaculation?

- Have you lost your drive and ambition in life?

- Low energy levels?

- A feeling that things in your sexual life has stagnated?

- Have you started on NoFap or semen retention, but don't know how to move on from here?



In today's society the access to instant gratification has become easier than ever. If you are hungry, you don't even have to cook your food, you can just throw something in the microwave. If you are bored, even for only a few seconds, you instinctively pull up your phone and start scrolling mindlessly. If you lack attention, you can just post some ego-boosting or dumb ass shit on social medias and enjoy the temporary satisfactory feeling of getting comments and likes.

And if you are horny, you can watch porn.

This tendency creates an addiction that is extremely hard to escape. When men try to, they will most of the time fall into a trap again and relapse, despite them being very motivated.


Because you cannot repress sexual energy. It’s like putting a lid on a pot of boiling water. At some point the pressure from the steam will cause the lid to pop off. Instead you wanna learn how to control and regulate that pressure and distribute it up the body, so that the energy doesn’t get stuck down there or slips out.

That takes a lot of hard work, and you need to apply the right routines and exercises. 

But when you start to learn how to cultivate your sexual energy and use it as an extremely powerful resource in any areas of your life, you will not only leave the concept of instant gratification behind, you will also gain more confidence, strength, surplus energy and mental clarity.

Just to mention a few of the benefits.

Start realising NOW how damaging porn and excess masturbation is. How it’s depleting you of vital life force and fucks up your view on women and sexuality.

This is the moment to take action!




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"Still going strong. I'm definitely feeling the best I've felt in a long time.

Thanks again bro for the program and help with this. This stuff really works and has been a game changer for me."


"I finished up a routine and felt calmness. Then I started to cry.

Months of self doubt, frustration and excess energy flowing out to clear my mind.

This tool is exceptional and I'll add it to my arsenal."


"Really getting clear on my value.

Thanks for being part of this journey, mate!"


"Thomas helps those who are victim of their own ejaculation and lack of control to cultivate sexual energy,

regain power and honestly just get closer to that Full Stack position.

After working with Thomas, I could align business, masculinity and gym focus with semen retention.

And let me tell you, that skyrocketed my LIFE!

In literally just 4 weeks my business, relationship and energy levels reached unbelievable new heights, and I could see benefits like increased motivation, self-discipline, overall more strength and presence as a man.

Also, I learned to last longer in bed."


"Thomas has the knowledge and experience needed, to move the situation toward a positive and definitive solution.

There are few men as focused and driven, and in this his ability to listen and be of help is invaluable."

About me

My name is Thomas Hovgaard.

I've been working with semen retention and male sexuality for 12 years.

With a background as a yoga instructor and massage therapist, I have a great knowledge about how the body and mind works.

I have gathered information from the most successful authors and coaches on sexual energy and included some of the most profound and efficient exercises from yoga, tantra and taoism into my training program.

Whether you are a beginner or more advanced practitioner of semen retention, or you just want to get rid of bad and unhealthy habits I can show you the way!